Holistic Medicine

The following are some of the holistic services that we offer.

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy started about 200 years ago with a discovery by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. Wondering why quinine useful in treating malaria. When given to a malaria patient however, it was curative.

To better understand how homeopathy works, it helps to consider two aspects of a disease. First, there is the immediate cause, such as bacteria, virus, toxin or internal immunological activity. Second, there is the patient’s response – their reaction and defenses such as fever, inflammation and discharge. These are the body’s attempts to eliminate pathogens and toxins and to heal the tissue.

While homeopaths do not ignore immediate causes such as infection, their primary focus is on the patient’s attempts to respond and heal. Their aim is to strengthen the patient’s defenses and shift the balance in favor of recovery based on the central principle of homeopathy that “like cures like.” This contrasts with conventional medicine which attempts to counteract symptoms.

Nutritional Counseling, Herbs, and Natural Alternatives

At Marmalade & Mobile Vet we believe that a good diet is the foundation of good health. Nutritional counseling is incorporated into almost every appointment, including the routine annual exam. We will tailor your pet’s dietary requirements along with recommending specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutraceuticals. This natural approach can be integrated into conventional medicine as well as helping pets with diseases like cancer (with or without chemotherapy), allergies, arthritis, stomach or intestinal problems, seizures, heart disease, endocrine diseases (including diabetes), etc.

We always use the highest quality herbs and supplements, like those from Standard Process, MediHerb, VetriScience, and Nutramax.

Jennifer Forsyth, VMD

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